Award-Winning Teas

award winning tea cups

Pooki's Mahi award-winning tea pods are available to our private label and custom promotional products customers.  Learn how to private label and review private label pods pricing.  Orders for private label coffee, private label tea and custom promotional products orders are processed on Pooki's Mahi Private Label Products platform. 

Go ahead, take a sip.  What do you taste?  Award-winning tea is full of flavor, fragrant and relaxing.  Pooki's Mahi curates teas from several global suppliers who have won awards from World Tea Championships into the Pooki's Mahi brand.  We've also included teas from manufacturers and Master Brewers whose blends won entertainment awards (such as Teen's Choice, People's Choice, etc.) and cupping competitions outside the World Tea Expo (such as regional, national and international competitions). 

Samples are available to customers with a paid private label order or to approved distributors. Visit Pooki's Mahi Sample Policy for more information.


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