About Us

Pooki's Mahi™ mission is to revolutionize the supply chain ecosystem in bringing the highest quality 100% Hawaiian coffees into the market at an affordable price point with an environmentally friendly solution.  All 100% Kona coffee, 100% Maui Mokka coffee and 100% Kau coffee beans are harvested/roasted in Hawaii, cup manufactured in US and distributed to several fulfillment centers in the US.  We're expanding adoption globally and adding a new channel.  Our strict RFI/RFP process is designed to weed out vendors and suppliers who aren't a cultural fit, engage in cyber-harrassment, cyber-bullying or brand / character assassination.  For resellers our lengthy due diligence process ensures the top 1% (resellers) aren't carrying the load for the entire B2B2C channel.  We are #BayAreaProud and deeply integrated with technology.  We'll share our high tech news impacting us, celebrities, and TV/Movie shows our brand advocates (celebrities, athletes) are on.

We live on ground rules to consistently beat our high expectations.

Pooki's Mahi has a Zero Tolerance Policy for firms engage in cyber-bullying, cyber-criminal, slander, negative reviews or cultural discrimination. A single serve coffee maker of white / black cups and aloha islands competitors cyber-bullied Pooki's Mahi Founder/CEO since 2014.  The relentless negative campaigns, slander and IP bullying resulted in irreparable harm. Once a cyber-bully, always a bully.


We're upgrading our enterprise systems that support Pooki's Mahi ™ brand, product launches and supply chain in 2017. Minimal impact to existing customers. 

About Pooki's Mahi™

Pooki's Mahi is a Silicon Valley-based etailer offering exotic Hawaiian coffees, award-winning teas, sweeteners, gourmet salts, and other specialty food products at reasonable prices.  In 2012 we incubated and piloted several products over five product lines.  Since its online launch in 2013, Pooki's Mahi's products have been a favorite of customers, charities, celebrities and athletes and have been featured at red carpet events including Celebrity Gift Suites and Celebrity Poker tournaments.  The products have been endorsed by many celebrities and athletes and seen on several television shows.  

Pooki's Mahi, founded by Silicon Valley High Tech Executive Les Magsalay-Zeller, started with exotic coffees rated 95+ by Coffee Review from the world's champion roasters and baristas and teas rated 90+ points by World Tea Ratings from the world's champion brew masters.  Today, our product offerings include a deluxe assortment of macadamia nut products, drink sweeteners like brown rock sugar, various gourmet salts and much more.  For more information on Pooki's Mahi's selection of exotic coffees, teas and other gourmet food products, visit www.pookismahi.com.  

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Our Manifesto

Pooki's Mahi corporate culture is set by our Founder/CEO.  At the core we're a high tech company passionate about combining technology and our expertise in operations excellence to introduce and launch new products consistently to the market.  Our executives, executive advisors and a majority of our customer advisory board members come from high tech.

Our initial "Our Philosophy" in 2012 looked like this:

Pooki's Mahi is only interested in coffees and teas that have won prestigious awards: 95 pts or better from Coffee Review, 90 pts or better from World Tea Rating, Cup of Excellence, Grand Champion, Roasters Guild Coffee of the Year, Roaster of the Year, Outstanding Producer, Outstanding Master Brewer. 

It's a big world out there.  Why not drink the very best from it?

In 2015 "Our Philosophy" morphed into "Our Manifesto" with the following core beliefs:

  1. High Customer Value
  2. Great Customer Experience
  3. Award-Winning Quality Products
  4. Fresh products delivered quickly
  5. Honesty

We're passionate about consistently delivering Pooki's Mahi's award-winning 100% Kona coffee pods for single serve coffee maker and launching new products to our customer base.  We have very strong views on technology, cyber-security, privacy, product sourcing, vetting suppliers/vendors, protecting our supply chain/brand advocates and a zero tolerance for cyber-harrassment/cyber-bullying.  We are a high performing company/team.  We live on ground rules to consistently beat our high expectations.  

  1. Example #1 - Our Founder/CEO has very high expectations and have set a high bar for suppliers/vendors and the leadership team.  All of Pooki's Mahi's 100% Kona coffees, 100% Maui Mokka coffees, 100% Ka'u coffees are sourced and roasted by a manufacturing facility HQ in Oahu, Hawaii. The manufacturing firm (team) consistsently source, roast and delivers the quality products Pooki's Mahi's customers have come to expect.  In return, Pooki's Mahi leads merchandising and brings the brands to red carpet events, TV commercials and online marketplaces.  Why would we want to work with other firms that aren't as consistent?  #ConsistentExecution
  2. Example #2 - We never call our customers or resellers to aggressively sell our products. We reach out to customers to resolve issues or provide updates to an existing order ("Courtesy Notice...").  Why should we work with vendors calling 5X a week (one vendor called 90 times!) pitching a product/service or never leave a message?  #NoMeansNo
  3. Example #3 - If you're a reseller, then your company will have a Tax ID, Resellers Permit and Business Insurance.  Why can't the company provide this?  In 2015 we found 1000+ unqualified resellers (missing Resellers Permit, Business Insurance).  These unqualified resellers cyber-harassed our Founder/CEO for a Wholesale 20% discount or the 40% discount.  We reported the company to the appropriate authorities. #TalkIsCheap
  4. Example #4 - A direct connection to the Founder/CEO or the executive team does not mean the company is excused from the lengthy RFI / RFP process.  Why do firms need to bully themselves into an RFI invite?  We never publish our leadership team's emails.  We report firms to the authorities for phishing and fraud. #ZeroTolerance #NoEntitlement #NoFreeRide
  5. Example #5 - Pooki's Mahi's leadership team come from high tech and have built and lead teams producing products that power some of today's F500 firms.  Key metrics - 25+ patents, 5+ exits (IPO or M&A), Founders/CXOs at notable high tech companies, higher education from Ivy League or have graduated summa cum laude or magna cum laude from reputable universities, and regarded as SME (subject matter experts) in their functional areas.  We'll collaborate with leaders/firms that consistently deliver and are high performers. Why should we rush augmenting our team with poor performers? #MetricsDontLie
  6. Example #6 - Our Founder/CEO didn't wake up one day to create a Food & Beverage company, Pooki's Mahi.  Team is executing on the vision from early 2000s, strategy from 2012 and roadmap since 2013.  Our Founder/CEO is filing patents on all Pooki's Mahi's work product.  In 2013 our Founder/CEO was cyber-harassed; in 2014 it was cyber-bullying from (before a major product launch at the Emmys Gift Suite) a public US company.  The #1 competitor no longer exists (as a public US company).  It's very foolish and ignorant to under-estimate or make assumptions.  If you don't know the answer, then ask the question.  Why should we work with firms that make assumptions? #TalkIsCheap
  7. Example #7 - RFIs are invite only and reserved for companies that are subject matter experts (SMEs). They won't "tell Pooki's Mahi's team" what/how do our jobs outside the company's area of expertise.  A company driving product reviews is not an expert in customer experience (CX), technical architecture design, product messaging or branding.  Why would we listen to advise on product messaging, technical architecture or how to take photos for our brand from an unqualified expert that doesn't have a patent or is seen as an expert in these areas?  #TalkIsCheap #NoMeansNo  
  8. Example #8 - Distributor discounts are earned regardless if the reseller is a big corporation or mom/pop shop.  We found 1000+ unqualified resellers onboarded between 2012- June 2015 selling our product below the MAP price of $47.99.  Selling our prized 100% Kona coffee pods single serves below $2.00 per cup (24 count = $47.99) cheapens Pooki's Mahi's high end brand; existing customers questioned the quality of 100% Kona coffee and supply chain efficiency.  In 2015 a major US corporation aggressively requested (bully in our opinion) for a 40% reseller discount; failed to pay us $$$$$$ (6 figures) for 7+ months.  Why should we give 40% distributor discounts to corporations that don't perform and fail to pay us?  #MetricsDontLie #TalkIsCheap #NoEntitlement
  9. Example #9 - We are a fiscally responsible company and don't have a sales team.  We grew our sales via referrals from our network, brand advocates, social media fans, and (repeat) customers.  We have limits.  Customers are not always right; some will never be happy.  Who wants to work with customers who constantly berates, "talks down," tells you "how they're successful in running businesses, 'X' years in a role for 'Y' company" or pulls the "I know it all" diva attitude?  #ZeroToleranceCyberBully
  10. Example #10 - We're focused on consistently delivering high quality products to our customers.  Our Branded Channel for our private label, corporate and promotional gifts will launch with minimum quantity requirements, full disclosure on pricing and expectations.  New customers don't have an existing channel, will aggressively nickel/dime manufactures below approved minimums and never place an order.  Why should we work with customers who doesn't understand CoGs, NPI and GTM?  #ConsistentExecution #NoFreeRide


We don't expect unvetted suppliers/vendors and non-technology savvy companies to understand our manifesto.  We're extremely selective and will collaborate with firms that are a cultural fit.  

Stay tuned - we're adding insight to our manifesto and our leadership team.  


New Suppliers/Vendors - Keep In Mind:  If you are a new supplier or vendor looking to pitch (sell/hock) Pooki's Mahi services or products and your company is not in an active RFI, then visit Pooki's Mahi's Customer Success Center first.

  1. RFIs / RFPs are invite only.  
  2. Pooki's Mah's leadership team vets vendors or suppliers recommended by our network.  Our experience - 95% of vendors/suppliers that weren't referred by our high tech network flunk our Founder/CEO's initial review. #StrongTrackRecord
  3. Pooki's Mahi's RFI / RFP process is designed to weed out any supplier or vendor who isn't a cultural fit.  #ConsistentExecution
  4. Pooki's Mahi's RFP process for manufacturing is lengthy and designed to fire/terminate manufactures who are unable to consistently meet score card goals, cannot provide documentation to support manufacturing and product certifications, engage in brand/character assassination or cyber-bullying behavior.  #ZeroToleranceCyberBully
  5. We've set a high bar for ourselves and expect our suppliers/vendors to meet the target metrics.  #TalkIsCheap 
  6. We'll report any supplier, vendor for cyber-harrassment for sending multiple emails or phone calls to our leadership team.  #Creeptometer




About Pooki's Mahi store

Pooki's Mahi's online store allows customers to shop the complete product catalogue of Pooki's Mahi coffees, teas, salts, sweeteners, macadamia nuts, and other products, have them delivered to their home for added convenience. The site provides detailed descriptions of each product, including country of origin or characteristics, awards won, as well as flavor notes and suggestions for other products that match preferred taste profiles.  PookisMahi.com store offers an easy-to-shop website, secure checkout and efficient delivery every time.