Private Label Award-Winning Mellow DragonBerry Tea

8/2016: Pooki's Mahi private label tea & custom promotional products customers only. Not available to distributors, resellers. Sustainable private label tea pods available in 2017.

Hand tossed organic green tea leaves are dried to perfection and blended with organic raspberries and “super fruit” pomegranate.  The truly zingy whole cardamom and citrus fruit-filled treasures finish with silky smoothness.

What makes Pooki's Mahi Private Label Teas unique?

  • Cup of Excellence:  Best Flavored Iced Tea
  • Tea Base / Type:  Green Tea Fusions
  • Package Size:  2oz. (Pouch)
  • Organic
  • Water Temperature:  180-185 F degrees
  • Caffeine Content:  Medium
  • Suggested Serving Size:  1 tsp/8oz.
  • Steep Time:  3 minutes
  • Ingredients:  Organic Green Tea, Organic Rosehips, Organic Raspberries, Natural Flavors
  • Flavors:  Raspberries, pomegranate, berries, citrus

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Type: Tea

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