Private Label Award-Winning Halo Tea, 7 bulbs

8/2016: Pooki's Mahi private label tea & custom promotional products customers only. Not available to distributors, resellers. Sustainable private label tea pods available in 2017.

Handsewn white tea leaves part to reveal an exotic peach colored lilly and a string of amaranth and jasmine flowers.  The flowering tea is also infused with blueberry and white peach flavors.  Jasmine perfumes this lovely white tea elixir.

What makes Pooki's Mahi Private Label Tea unique?

  • Cup of Excellence:  Winner
  • Type:  White Tea, Flowering / Blooming
  • Water Temperature:  180-185 F degrees
  • Caffeine Content:  Medium
  • Suggested Service Size:  1 bulb/8-16oz
  • Steep Time:  3-5 minutes
  • Ingredients:  White Tea, Amaranth Flowers, Jasmine Flowers, Natural Flowers
  • Origin:  Anhui, China
  • Flavors:  Peach, amaranth, jasmine, blueberry, white peach
  • Allergy Information:  This product is prepared and packaged in machines not in contact with wheat/gluten, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, milk, soy.


Buy sustainable single serve pods.  The enclosed white or black plastic cups with foil lids kills the environment and will never be fully recyclable. 

Compatible for use with single serve coffee makers.  Pooki’s Mahi™, The PMO Practice™, and Matcha Matcha Man™ are trademarks of Pooki’s Mahi.  

Type: Tea

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