NEWS: Pooki’s Mahi Extends Fulfillment Partnership with Rakuten Super Logistics to Augment Amazon Fulfillment

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 24, 2014 

2014 Food & Beverage winner Pooki’s Mahi announced today it extended its partnership with Rakuten Super Logistics (formerly known as Webgistix)  to augment orders for its award-winning teas, 100% Kona coffees single serve cups and specialty food products from multiple channels. Pooki’s Mahi’s makes operations excellence a top priority so that the company can offer repeat customers faster delivery at no extra charge. As an etail business, the company requires a strong and flexible partner to handle fulfillment – and Rakuten Super Logistics fit the bill.

Pooki’s Mahi uses three types of sales orders / Bill of Materials (BOMs) to create and fulfill orders in the five product lines:  PTO (Pick To Order), ATO (Assemble To Order) and EATO (Embedded Assemble To Order). One of the challenges Pooki’s Mahi initially encountered was finding a fulfillment partner that could handle all three types of sales orders while at the same time offering a competitive cost structure and managing the end of life products including expiration dates. Rakuten Super Logistics continues to meet their needs in these areas.

“Pooki’s Mahi has always focused on three key functional areas:  operations excellence, product quality and technology,” says Pooki’s Mahi’s CEO Les Magsalay-Zeller. “Operations excellence is a top requirement for Pooki’s Mahi’s customer base.  We believe that to achieve operations excellence our supply chain ecosystem needs to be simple; it needs to be easy on the fulfillment partner.”

Before selecting Rakuten Super Logistics, Pooki’s Mahi started selling on Amazon using Amazon Fulfillment to handle all sales orders in 2012 – but there were limitations. “Amazon Fulfillment is great at the standard (PTO) orders, but it doesn’t handle any assembly (ATO) or custom (EATO) orders,” Magsalay-Zeller said. “Custom orders are important to Pooki’s Mahi’s charities, wholesale customers and Red Carpet Events it showcases its products to.  After vetting many potential fulfillment partners, Rakuten Super Logistics was selected in May 2013 and we started a lengthy pilot.”

She explains, “The selection was made because of Rakuten Super Logistics’ 2-Day Delivery Network with fast and reliable shipping, the ability to handle assembly (ATO) sales orders, the capability to handle global order fulfillment, shipment optimization and flexible technology.”

“When Pooki’s Mahi communicated to us their fulfillment needs, we were excited to welcome them into our fulfillment network,” said Joe DiSorbo, CEO of Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. (formerly Webgistix). “We treat fulfillment as a partnership, and understand the increasing importance of providing quick and reliable shipping to customers across the world in order to continue to protect online merchants’ reputations. Our 2-day delivery network continues to provide a reliable delivery network for Pooki’s Mahi merchants and customers. ”

“We have established a great partnership with the Pooki’s Mahi team in order to provide their online customers with products on-time,” said Kyle Henzel, COO at Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. “We work closely with the Pooki’s Mahi team on a daily basis to ensure that their product makes it from Point A to B, but also provide them with flexibility to meet their shipping needs. We keep their customers top of mind 100% of the time, a mindset that has allowed us to establish such a valuable relationship with the merchant. We look forward to continuing this relationship as the company continues to grow.”

Pooki’s Mahi outscores its competitors in Amazon and Rakuten’s marketplaces with a perfect score of 100% for shipping, service and feedback received.  Pooki’s Mahi’s customers have provided high marks for customer service and were ecstatic orders would be received quickly without paying extra.

Magsalay-Zeller says the company continues to evaluate requirements and may consider adding another fulfillment partner to meet the global sales growth, since Rakuten Super Logistics does not have the extensive global fulfillment centers (physical location) like Shipwire (now part of Ingram Micro).



About Rakuten Super Logistics

In 2013, Japan-based ecommerce giant Rakuten acquired Webgistix to offer customers same day shipping and 1-2 delivery through the Webgistix strategic network of company-operated fulfillment centers.  Webgistix was rebranded to Rakuten Super Logistics.  It’s mission is to provide the best order fulfillment services for merchants’ online buyers, from shopping cart to order fulfillment and delivery.   Visit Rakuten Super Logistics to obtain a quote.


The Academy Awards® is a registered trademark of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences®. The Gift Suites where Pooki’s Mahi’s products are show cased are not authorized by and is not associated with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences®, The Academy Awards®, or any of its official partners or vendors. 

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About Pooki’s Mahi:
Pooki’s Mahi™ is a Silicon Valley-based private label coffee pods and custom promotional products manufacturer offering Hawaiian 100% Kona coffee and award-winning private label teas in sustainable single serve cups. Private label brands partner with Pooki’s Mahi for the efficient supply chain, go to market launch and new product introduction expertise. Since its online launch in 2013, Pooki’s Mahi products have been a favorite of customers, charities, celebrities and athletes and have been featured at red carpet events including Celebrity Gift Suites and athletes and seen on several television shows.  Pooki’s Mahi’s mission is to revolutionize the supply chain ecosystem to make it efficient by using technology in bringing the highest quality Kona coffees into the market in a sustainable, compostable cup. Hawaiian coffees are harvested/roasted in Hawaii, single serve cup manufactured in US and distributed to several fulfillment centers in the US.

For more information on Pooki’s Mahi custom private label coffee, pods pricing, single serve tea visit Pooki's Mahi Private Label & Custom Promotional Products site. Follow Pooki’s Mahi on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to keep up with news insights to launching custom promotional products. Pooki’s Mahi has a zero tolerance for firms engaged in cyber-bullying, cyber-criminal, slander, negative reviews, or cultural discrimination.  A single serve coffee maker of white / black cups and aloha islands competitors cyber-bullied Pooki’s Mahi Founder/CEO since 2014. The relentless negative campaigns, slander and IP bullying resulted in irreparable harm.  Once a cyber-bully, always a bully.

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Read the official press release.  View Pooki's Mahi's Online TV Channel dedicated to new products and launches.

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