March 08, 2019

Summary: Pooki’s Mahi® Founder/CEO Leslie Magsalay-Zeller incubates Komo Kitty℠ services for private label coffee capsules by designing the Koffee KaKao™ coffee product line; Koffee KaKao™ is the first of several product lines nominated for design awards.

San Francisco, CA March 6th, 2019 

Silicon Valley startup Pooki’s Mahi® Founder/CEO Leslie Magsalay-Zeller incubates Komo Kitty℠ services for private label coffee capsules by designing Koffee KaKao™ coffee product line; Koffee KaKao™ is the first of several product lines nominated for design awards. The Silicon Valley technology executive developed Koffee KaKao™ coffee capsules reflects the luxe coffee brand’s colors, fonts, favicon mascot, and layout.

Pooki’s Mahi Founder/CEO Leslie Magsalay-Zeller explains, “I am passionate and protective of Pooki’s Mahi IP, brands and designs for the brands. Pooki’s Mahi brands have been cyber-bullied by unauthorized resellers. It’s been excruciating protecting Pooki’s Mahi, myself and the brands I’ve created.  Customers are not able to easily recognize Pooki’s Mahi luxury coffee and tea products without a modern, clean design. I started redesigning Pooki’s Mahi existing 100% Kona coffee pods last year to integrate the brand story and protect our IP under an improved process. I designed Pooki’s Mahi Kafpresso, and Koffee KaKao packaging using processes I learned while at a Fortune 500 cloud computing and SaaS companies leading launch teams.”

“Pooki’s Mahi designs manufactures and distributes luxury single-origin coffee like 100% Kona coffee or tea capsules. I designed my personality traits such as determination, strength, athleticism, and sassiness into Pooki’s Mahi new product lines, packaging and brand messaging. A symbol for turtle, Honu, was inspired by the animal’s steady determination to survive in the vast ocean depths which is a challenging environment. I tapped into Pooki’s Mahi brand stories and my strength to integrate the balance between two contrasting colors.  Pooki’s Mahi existing brand advocates, repeat customers and celebrities influenced the design priorities,” says the Silicon Valley technology executive.

Pooki’s Mahi® does not outsource brand IP. Founder/CEO Leslie Magsalay-Zeller aggressively protects 150+ brand IP including but not limited to designs, colors, fonts, content, and creatives to design new luxe coffee capsules for new product lines or tea capsules for Matcha Matcha Man® product collection. Designs for new product lines are a reflection of Pooki’s Mahi Founder/CEO Leslie Magsalay-Zeller.

Pooki’s Mahi designs manufacture and distribute 100% single origin luxe coffee capsules or high-end tea pods. Certificate of Insurance is required to resell Pooki’s Mahi 100% Kona coffee pods, Kafpresso™ coffee capsules, or Matcha Matcha Man tea capsules. Individuals are not considered approved resellers.

Founder/CEO Leslie Magsalay-Zeller designed Koffee KaKao™ and Kafpresso™ to reflect a rare, almost extinct turtle, Honu, determined to succeed and motivated to perform. The designs were inspired by my time at Fortune 500 cloud computing and SaaS companies leading launch teams. Product teams completed brand designs after finishing a lengthy pilot to test market fit for the products. The Silicon Valley technology executive used a similar approach to test Koffee Kakao, and Kafpresso storyboards, messaging, personality and brand pitch with existing customers. Pooki’s Mahi existing brand advocates repeat customers and celebrities influenced the design priorities.

Koffee KaKao and Kafpresso brand personality reflect Founder/CEO Leslie Magsalay-Zeller. Two color combinations indicate strong, and polarizing character integrated with sassiness and athleticism. A darker color represents strength. The lighter color symbolizes balances. Contrasting color combinations reflect complementary forces as a whole is much better than having many separate parts. The Honu symbol is inspired by the animal’s steady determination to survive in the vast ocean depths which is a  challenging environment.

Existing customers consider Pooki’s Mahi 100% Kona coffee capsules and single-origin micro-lot coffee pods as expensive. Repeat coffee subscribers and VIP customers consider Pooki’s Mahi in the luxe coffee capsules category. 100% Kona coffee pods, Koffee KaKao coffee, and Kafpresso 100% Kona coffee capsules have a bold taste profile. Similarly, private label customers consider Pooki’s Mahi Matcha Matcha Man® tea capsules are in the luxury custom tea category. Matcha Matcha Man tea capsules create a soothing beverage infused with fruit.

Founder/CEO Leslie Magsalay-Zeller designed her high energy personality and process-centric thinking into Koffee KaKao and Kafpresso packaging. Luxury coffee capsules have modern packaging designs with two to four colors. Luxe coffee capsules do not have loud, masculine personalities or over four colors.

Pooki’s Mahi brand is growing globally. Protecting the global brand from abusive customers, individuals or firms engaged in suspicious activities is a top priority. Pooki’s Mahi has a strict zero tolerance policy for any form of discrimination, cyber-bullying, harassment or cyber-criminal activities. New product lines like Koffee KaKao and Kafpresso integrated brand messaging help new customers identify Pooki’s Mahi. A wholistic design reflecting Pooki’s Mahi and Founder/CEO Leslie Magsalay-Zeller drives better customer engagement.

Receiving recognition for designing Kafpresso™ and Koffee KaKao™ luxe coffee capsules packaging is a first for Pooki’s Mahi Founder/CEO Leslie Magsalay-Zeller. The Silicon Valley technology executive is not a product designer by training. Pooki’s Mahi Founder/CEO is known for creating systems architecture integrating processes supporting technology platforms enabling individuals or teams to do their jobs better or faster. Founder/CEO Leslie Magsalay-Zeller is recognized for her work in building Pooki’s Mahi supply chain, new product launches and Komo Kitty℠ collection of go-to-market product services.

Pooki’s Mahi has not been recognized or won design awards. Pooki’s Mahi and Founder/CEO Leslie Magsalay-Zeller earned honors in operations, supply chain, technology and in go-to-marketing. Winning design awards is an accomplishment. This will be the first design recognition or award for Founder/CEO Leslie Magsalay-Zeller.

Customers can purchase Koffee KaKao coffee pods on Pooki’s Mahi, a national food grocery store, and a natural organic grocery chain. Pooki’s Mahi has a limited number of inventory allocated to two marketplaces. Kafpresso™ designs, a Komo Kitty℠ collection by Pooki’s Mahi is currently in a controlled invite-only pilot. Kafpresso™ luxe coffee capsules designed by Founder/CEO Leslie Magsalay-Zeller will soon be available to customers after the new product line passes Pooki’s Mahi First Article Inspections (FAI).


Pooki’s Mahi customers can expect:

  • Koffee KaKao designed coffee for Keurig in bio-based pods available for purchase on Pooki’s Mahi, a national food grocery store, a natural organic grocery chain, and two marketplaces.
  • Koffee KaKao™ and Kafpresso™ luxe coffee capsules share the same brand identity.
  • Kafpresso™ packaging colors and content will change to reflect different coffee capsules.
  • Kafpresso™ luxe coffee capsules are currently sold on Pooki’s Mahi coffee subscription platform.
  • Koffee KaKao™ and Kafpresso™ designs are not available for private label coffee customers.
  • Koffee KaKao™ and Kafpresso™ designs will be available for corporate gifts or celebrity swag.
  • Product samples are not available for new product launches to new customers.


            The Silicon Valley-based food and beverage brand have grown without a loan or venture funding. Pooki’s Mahi Founder/CEO takes a high tech approach to develop and launch new products. The technology executive continues to build and improve architecture to support existing ecommerce platforms. Leslie Magsalay-Zeller designs introduce Pooki’s Mahi® product lines and continues to update technology platforms supporting multiple channels. The Silicon Valley startup is focused on manufacturing expensive 100% single origin specialty coffee under its Kona KaKao™, Kafpresso, and Kona Kafpresso brands; as well as Matcha Matcha Man® tea pods.

            Kafpresso™ coffee capsules are not the same as 100% Kona coffee for Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 single serve coffee makers. Pooki's Mahi®,Matcha Matcha Man® are registered trademarks of Pooki’s Mahi. Komo Kitty, Kafpresso™, The PMO Practice™, Kona KaKao™, Koffee KaKao™, and Kona Kafpresso™are trademarks of Pooki’s Mahi.New Product Launch Introductions, Go To Market Planning, and supply chain frameworks are protected under VA 1-924-170.

            About Pooki’s Mahi:
            Pooki’s Mahi® is a Silicon Valley-based high tech company passionate about combining technology, operations excellence, and digital marketing to consistently launch the best Kona coffee pods, new private label Hawaii Kona coffee Nespresso capsules and custom coffee capsules to market. Pooki's Mahi was launched by Silicon Valley technology executive Founder/CEO Leslie Magsalay-Zeller. Pooki's Mahi owns the supply chain, sourcing the raw materials and global distribution channels. Pooki's Mahi mission is to change current supply chains into a just-in-time (JIT) model by using technology and processes to launch specialty coffees or teas into the market in a sustainable, or recyclable capsule. Certificate of Insurance is required to resell Pooki’s Mahi 100% Kona coffee pods, or Matcha Matcha Man tea capsules.

            Customers partner with Pooki’s Mahi for the efficient supply chain, go to market launch and new product introduction expertise.  Global retailers, professional sports teams, luxury hotel chains, and corporate kitchens sell Pooki's Mahi®. Pooki's Mahi performance-driven executive team are recognized with 150+ protected IP, 100+ exits, and 50+ awards in technology, operations, and supply chain. Pooki's Mahi Kona coffee pods, Matcha Matcha Man® tea capsules, Kapfresso™ Kona coffee capsules has been a favorite of customrees, charities, celebrities and athletes and have have been featured at red carpet events including Celebrity Gift Suites, award shows, and seen on several television shows. 


            Important Notice Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

            This press release contains certain forward-looking statements. Statements that are not historical facts, including statements about our perspectives and expectations, are forward-looking statements. The words “expect,” “believe,” “estimate,” “intend,” “plan” and similar expressions, when related to the Company and its subsidiaries, indicate forward-looking statements. These statements reflect the current view of management and are subject to various risks and uncertainties. These statements are based on numerous assumptions and factors, including general economic, market, industry, and operational considerations. Any changes to these assumptions or factors may lead to practical results different from current expectations. Undue reliance should not be placed on those statements. Forward-looking statements relate only to the date they were made, and the Company and its subsidiaries undertake no obligation to update forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the time they were made.

            For more information on Komo Kitty℠ private label services, pods pricing, tea pods visit Follow Pooki’s Mahi on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to keep up with news insights to launching private label products. Visit Pooki’s Mahi online policies to learn about zero tolerance. New suppliers and vendors must provide a Certificate of Insurance to Pooki’s Mahi to be considered.



            Contact Information
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            Twitter:  @pookismahi
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            Pooki's Mahi™ passes additional fees to customers who buy from online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Jet, Overstock, etc. Pooki's Mahi® approved one online retailer to sell our 100% Kona coffee pods close to the Wholesale Coffee Club price.

   pricing:  Cheap Kona coffee prices (subscriptions), lowest Kona coffee price for customers unable to commit to coffee subscriptions (wholesale coffee club), and Refer A Friend programs to earn additional discounts.

            Additional Fees Passed To Customer: Fulfillment (10%), transportation, subscribe 'n save (10%), product listing maintenance/merchandising (15%), lightning deals or discounts (5%). Any fee increase levied by the retailer will be passed to the customer. Customers buying Pooki's Mahi Kona coffee pods on online retailers must pay for Standard or Expedited Shipping. 


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