Guide to Pooki’s Mahi's Private Label 100 Percent Kona Coffee Pods

Guide to Pooki’s Mahi’s Custom 100 Percent Kona Coffee Pods Single Serves

The purpose of our “Guide To Pooki’s Mahi’s Custom 100 Percent Kona Coffee Single Serve Pods” will guide customers on deciding if creating custom promotional products or private label single serves to resell under their brand is a good fit for their business.  Our guide’s goal is to provide insight, factors to consider when purchasing 100% Kona coffee and Pooki’s Mahi’s commitment to custom promotional products and private label customers.

Five (5) items to consider when making your own 100 percent Kona coffee pods
Pooki’s Mahi’s guide incorporates our expertise in technology, supply chain management, m/ecommerce systems and data from our analytics.  We’ve also included some insight to our patented go-to-market launch process and new product introduction framework.  Not all customers can afford the total customer acquisition cost to sell their own branded custom single serves in retail channels.  

Pooki's Mahi is a luxury private label manufacturer of 100% Kona coffee pods, private label coffee for private label brands.

Pooki's Mahi is a luxury private label manufacturer of 100% Kona coffee pods, private label coffee for private label brands.


Selling Branded Custom Single Serve Coffee Pods (Private Label) vs. Promotional Event

As of December 2014 15 million single serve brewers were sold for a total of $900 million.  The private label single serve cups account for more than 15% of the market. Pooki’s Mahi has seen many customers eagerly attempting to sell their own version of single serve pods without thinking through the consequences or having a plan.  
Several areas need to be thought through before customers sell their own branded custom promotional products using 100% Kona coffee.  

  1. Who is your target customer?
  2. What is your go-to-market plan?
  3. What is your new product introduction plan?
  4. What is your P&L (profit and loss) formula to make money?  
  5. What is your distribution channel?  
  6. If you’re not selling custom Kona single serve cups through r/etail channels, then are Pooki’s Mahi’s custom promotional products sold at an event?  
  7. Which statement is correct:  
    1. I want to make money from the custom single serves.
    2. I want to use custom single serves as a promotional item at an event.  

Many national retail grocery stores opt to create their own line of custom single serve pods to further the store brand.  For example, Safeway, Raley’s, Trader Joe’s and Hyvee use this approach. Pooki’s Mahi monitors and conducts competitive analysis. Currently it is extremely rare to see 100% Kona coffee single serve pods in a national store brand packaging.

Private Label Kona Coffee Pods
Definition:  Pooki’s Mahi defines “private label” as customers looking to sell single serves under their own brand, logo, and packaging.  Private label customers have the budget to purchase the required packaging minimums, an in house packaging designer and an existing distributor channel.  Customers are established with established go-to-market launches, sales plans and know their customer journey.

Customers looking to sell custom branded single serve pods to a national grocery chain, a retailer with a physical presence or online must go through Pooki’s Mahi’s Private Label and Custom Promotional Products process.   

Pooki’s Mahi’s requires the UPC certificate with the company’s certification.  Legitimate companies renew UPC certificates every year.

Custom Promotional Products
Definition:  Pooki’s Mahi defines “custom single serves” as customers looking to personalize and design custom promotional products like single serves for events like TV/movie premiers, weddings, life events, conferences, trade shows, corporate all hands meetings, baby showers, etc.  Customers do not sell custom single serve pods through a defined r/etail channel like grocery stores or marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.   

Customers are looking to glamour their events and are not looking to sell the custom cups on a retail channel like grocery chains or on a marketplace like Amazon or eBay.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee Pods:  Source, Roasted and Cup manufacture
Pooki’s Mahi specializes in 100% Hawaiian coffee grown, harvested and roasted in Hawaii.  Final single serve cup manufactured in mainland USA with strict First Article Inspections (FAIs) conducted at the distribution fulfillment center.  

Do not trust single serve manufacturers who “source green coffee beans” and claim to “roast Hawaiian green coffee bean” because customers do not know where the green coffee bean was sourced.  Single serve manufacturers might use lower quality coffee beans from South America, Central America and label it as 100% Hawaiian coffee.  Have the custom single serve manufacturer or private label distributor confirm Hawaiian coffees used for branded custom cups or private label Kona coffee single serve pods.  At Pooki’s Mahi we’re transparent with our customers by providing all required product information. Our customers have the right to know where their Hawaiian coffees are sourced.  

  1. Which Hawaiian coffee will be used in the custom promotional products or private label single serves?
  2. Which (name) farm provided the coffee beans?
  3. What date did the Department of Agriculture inspected the farm?
  4. Who roasted the Hawaiian coffee beans?
  5. What is the address of the coffee roaster that roasted the Hawaiian coffee beans?
  6. What makes the roaster qualified to roast the Hawaiian roasters?
  7. Where is the single serve manufacturer located?
  8. What is their ISO 9X quality process?
  9. What is the cup manufacturer BSA (business system architecture) process?  How are customers receiving updates to their order on a secure site?
  10. What is the cup manufacturers and private single serve distributor FAI process?  

Pooki’s Mahi consolidated harvesting, sourcing and roasting our prized 100% Hawaiian coffees in Oahu, Hawaii.  Our Hawaiian coffee partner has provided high quality Hawaiian coffees since 2012.  Our cup manufacturing facilities are located in mainland USA and led by an entrepreneur who came from the transportation and logistics.

Kona Coffee Cups:  Look for the %
Pooki’s Mahi's competitors have misled customers with false advertising. Customers get what they pay for.  We advise custom promotional products customers to consider the total cost of goods (CoGs) when entering a relationship with custom cup manufacturer or private label cup distributor.
  1. What is the total CoGs (Cost of Goods Sold)?
  2. What percentage of the cup manufacturers product catalogue is 100% Kona coffee single serve pods?
  3. Is the cup manufacturer dedicated to 100% Kona coffee single serves?
  4. How much Kona coffee will be used in the custom promotional products?  100% Kona coffee vs. 10% Kona coffee
  5. What percentage of Hawaiian coffee will be used in the custom promotional products?  100% Maui Mokka coffee, 100% Kau coffee vs. 10% Kau blend or 10% Hawaiian coffee blend

Kona Single Serves:  How many types, versions?  
Customers looking for 100% Kona coffee or 100% Hawaiian coffee single serves need to consider the custom single serve manufacturer expertise in supply chain, go-to-market launches and new product introductions.  100% Kona coffee production is owned by a small number of family controlled farms.  Consistent delivery and quality vary widely between the 200+ Kona coffee farms.  For these reasons Pooki’s Mahi consolidated Kona coffee sourcing and roasting under one major Hawaiian coffee manufacturer.
Key questions to ask when considering a custom single serve cup manufacturer or private label distributor:
  1. In addition to 100% Kona coffee pods what other products does the custom single serve manufacturer sell?
  2. How many different 100% Kona coffee single serve does the custom promotional products manufacturer sell?
  3. How many unique 100% Hawaiian coffee pods does the custom promotional products manufacturer sell?
  4. Does the custom promotional products manufacturer specialize in 100% Kona coffee single serve pods or 100% Hawaiian coffee single serves?

100 Percent Kona coffee cups
There is a total of five (5) different 100 percent Kona coffee single serve pods:  
  • By roast:  100% Kona coffee medium roast, 100% Kona coffee French roast
  • By Kona coffee type/grade:  100% Kona Estate Extra Fancy, 100% Kona Peaberry coffee
  • By caffeine in coffee:  100% Kona Decaf coffee

Pooki’s Mahi does not recommend working with single serve manufacturers who don’t have a complete 100% Kona coffee product line to single serve pod manufacture custom pods or private label single serves.  Some single cup manufacturers will claim they carry 100% Kona coffee to manufacture 100% Kona coffee single serves. This means single serve manufacturers will manufacture 100% Kona coffee medium roast cups.  Customers will be charged an extra exoberant fee for a higher grade or quality of 100% Kona coffee in their custom promotional products like single serves.

Pooki’s Mahi’s commitment to custom promotional products customers

Pooki’s Mahi is committed to providing a positive experience for our existing and new customers.  Pooki’s Mahi does not engage in aggressive sales tactics.  Customers can expect the following when purchasing custom single serve pods from Pooki’s Mahi:

  1. A customer success team member will reach out to the customer after placing a custom promotional products order.
  2. Customer will receive a product mock up of the pouch using the images uploaded by the customer.  This reconfirms the intended design.
  3. Reconfirmation of which 100% Kona coffee, 100% Maui Mokka coffee or 100% Kau coffee will be used to single serve manufacture the custom promotional products.
  4. Customer approves pouch design, content on the pouch via e-signature.
  5. Estimated delivery updates.
  6. Transparent pricing for 100% Kona coffee custom promotional products.
  7. Additional services available for a price to help customers launch custom promotional products to market and to introduce the new branded custom single serve cups pods.

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