Apply To Be A Vendor Or Coffee Supplier


3 Phase Process for Vendors and Suppliers

Pooki's Mahi™ owns the supply chain - not a manufacturer or a firm offering 4PL services. Pooki's Mahi ™ approved vendors and suppliers consistently deliver against our very high standards. Pooki's Mahi selects firms that are a cultural fit with a successful track record to fulfill an approved roadmap area. 
Vendors and suppliers must fill out the application below.




Request For Information 
Pooki's Mahi RFI team invites select vendors and suppliers pending on the business need to apply (provide the requested information).

Timeline:  Ongoing


Due Diligence

Culture Fit Assessment
Pooki's Mahi RFI Team conducts due diligence from 3-5 selected vendors or suppliers from the initial list of companies.

Timeline: Several Months


RFP Kick Off

Request For Proposal 
Less than 1% (1-2 firms max) make it to the RFP stage to kick off an end-to-end (pilot) test. Vendors are assigned an RFI / RFP #.

Timeline: 9+ months 


Difference Between A Vendor And Supplier

Suppliers sell physical products (Kona coffee beans, loose leaf teas, outside box packaging, product labels, etc.) used by Pooki's Mahi Ops organization. Vendors sell services (digital marketing ads, retargeting ads, virtual assistance, press releases, webinars, marcomm events, fulfillment center, distribution center, etc.) used by Pooki's Mahi Marketing organization. Companies are either suppliers or vendors. 


Vendor or Kona Coffee Supplier Application

Items in red * are required. 


Fill out my online form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit Pooki's Mahi's Customer Success Center for detailed responses to additional questions.

1. May I skip filling out the long form and call/email someone?
No. Pooki's Mahi strict RFI / RFP process is very lengthy and designed to weed out firms that aren't a cultural fit, engage in cyber-bullying, and / or brand character assassination. Phone calls and emails without providing the required information on the application is inefficient.  Pooki's Mahi team members require an RFI / RFP #. Invited vendors and suppliers are referred into Pooki's Mahi executives for consideration. Less than 1% make it to the RFP stage.  Pooki's Mahi prioritizes companies invited to participate first before considering unsolicited firms. Pooki's Mahi will consider unsolicited companies with published pricing if the firm is a cultural fit.

2. Does an RFP mean I've been awarded the business or long term contract? 
No. Receiving an RFP # does not mean the company was awarded the business or a long term contract. An RFP enables Pooki's Mahi to assess the vendor or supplier end-to-end capabilities. RFPs are written like a Statement of Work (SOW) with specific deliverables, timelines and requires e-signatures from both firm's executives.

Pooki's Mahi terminates suppliers that perform poorly, break the Zero Tolerance Policy or run negative campaigns through product reviews, blogging or affiliate marketing.

3. Am I an approved vendor since Pooki's Mahi used our tools in the past?
No. Tools used by Pooki's Mahi in the past does not mean the tool is a complete solution. Approved vendors have regular conversations with Pooki's Mahi executive team.

4. Are Kona coffee bean suppliers required to provide an agriculture inspection certificate?
Yes - Kona Coffee Suppliers must upload proof the farm passed regular agriculture inspections. Non-negotiable.  Roasters must provide proof of purchase from the Kona coffee farm when requested.  Pooki's Mahi Kona single serve coffee pods are made from Kona beans harvested from Kona, Hawaii.  Pooki's Mahi requires proof the Kona coffee beans purchased is from Kona, Hawaii. Pooki's Mahi will report firms for cyber-criminal activities. 

5. Do vendors or suppliers have access to Pooki's Mahi roadmap?  
No. Select (approved) roadmap items are provided to approved vendors or suppliers. It takes 1.5-2+ years of consistently delivering to become an approved vendor or supplier.  Pooki's Mahi replaces under-performing firms. Pooki's Mahi does not publish approved roadmaps.

6. Is the 30% wholesale discount from Kona coffee suppliers a deal breaker?
Yes - Favorable pricing required. 30% is a target discount from the published retail rate (verified by Pooki's Mahi RFI Team). We'll take our business to suppliers who want to grow their business.

Pooki's Mahi:
Submits POs for 20 lbs, 60 lbs, 125 lbs, 375 lbs, 500+ lbs.

- All POs are based on an approved forecast. 
- Suppliers are paid up front. 
- Schedules transportation - pickup, provide shipping labels.

7. Will you sell my roasted Kona coffee?  I'm a Kona coffee supplier.
No.  Pooki's Mahi requires a distributor discount between 60%-80% (from the published retail price) to sell Kona coffee supplier's roasted coffee. It costs Pooki's Mahi 85% of the product costs to merchandise, resell through approved distributors, and to fulfill customer orders. Pooki's Mahi does not make a profit for products sold to us at 20% discount (or less) from the published retail price. Pooki's Mahi does not sell supplier's products. Suppliers or vendors pushing Pooki's Mahi to sell their own tea or coffee products is not a cultural fit and have fundamental issues managing their brand, P&L and lack technology.

8. Will I receive a discount if I use Pooki's Mahi to private label coffee pods? I'm a Kona coffee supplier and new to the single serve coffee pods industry.
No. Visit Pooki's Mahi Private Label Coffee Brands for more information.  Pooki's Mahi manufactures single serve coffee pods for coffee roasters who have their own coffee, an established sales channel and branded assets. Minimums required. Resellers must consistently sell $85K per month of Pooki's Mahi products (orders submitted on to obtain a distributor discount.

9. Can I send you multiple emails, and harass Pooki's Mahi for business? 
No - Zero Tolerance Policy. Pooki's Mahi has a strict zero tolerance policy firms who cyber-bully, harass, threaten bodily / mental harm, slander or engage in brand / character assassination. Pooki's Mahi Founder/CEO, brand and company was cyber-bullied by a single serve coffee maker of white and black non-recyclable plastic cups causing irreparable harm. 

We report firms to the appropriate authorities for cyber-criminal activities. 

- Scraping emails to send email drip campaigns
- Running negative product review campaigns on marketplaces.
- Scraping personal information for fraudulent, phishing cyber-criminal activities.
- Unauthorized resellers squatting or selling Pooki's Mahi product listings.
- Sending emails via LinkedIn or social media and skipping the RFI/RFP process.
- Professional nag that micromanages fabricated deadlines; creates inefficiencies.
- Multiple phone calls without leaving a voicemail (99% are robo-calls).
- Unprofessional conduct

Pooki's Mahi executive team will fire / terminate suppliers, vendors that flunk the assessment or fail to consistently meet score card standards or engage in cyber-bullying. 

10. Does Pooki's Mahi have a template for selecting firms? 
Yes - Refer to headline.  Pooki's Mahi selects firms that are a cultural fit with a successful track record to fulfill an approved roadmap area. 

Made in USA means:   Technology firms / individuals will come from Silicon Valley, CA either referred into Pooki's Mahi executives' network or preferably have worked for one of Pooki's Mahi's executives. Technology firms may include digital marketing platforms. Hawaiian 100% Kona coffee beans are harvested from Kona, Big Island, Hawaii. Coffee roasters may be located in mainland USA. Master tea blenders are located in California. FAIs (First Article Inspections) are completed in USA. BOM (Bill of Materials) components are manufactured in the USA. All vendors and suppliers must have an enterprise-class secured ecommerce platform and embrace technology.

Products are not considered "Made in USA" if the firm has a sales force in USA but the actual work is manufactured outside the USA (robotics or a human being).

Pooki's Mahi is a technology company with expertise in new product introductions (NPI), go-to-market (GTM) launches, operations/supply chain excellence and SaaS enterprise platforms.

11. Definition vendor:  Am I a vendor if my company sells fulfillment services?  My company is NOT selling marketing services. 
Yes.  Firms that sell fulfillment, warehousing, logistics, forecasting software, demand planning, etc. are vendors.

Coming in 2017:  Pooki's Mahi Founder/CEO owns the RFI/RFP selection for firms selling services in operations, manufacturing or supply chain. Pooki's Mahi will launch a new and separate vendor application form to thoroughly vet vendors during the initial RFI stage.  Pooki's Mahi execs will not tolerate vendors:

- Aggressive sales leads exhibiting unprofessional behavior
- Unable to provide the technology stack
- Refuses to share customer success process map 
- Have a first time founder - never worked in multiple operational roles.


All vendors must provide access to the API, have an enterprise-class secured platform, and embrace technology.


We report firms for cyber-criminal activities like scraping Pooki's Mahi emails for unsolicited pitches.



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