Custom Promotional Products & Private Label Catalogue

Pooki's Mahi Custom Promotional Products

Pooki’s Mahi designs, manufacture and fulfill sustainable eco-friendly private label Hawaiian Kona coffee pods, single serve teas for your next product line, promotional product(s), corporate gift or marketing event swag.


Pooki's Mahi™ Custom Private Label single serve platform launched in 2016. We received tremendous response and are already fulfilling orders for luxury hotels, professional sports teams, corporate break rooms and top online retailers. Pooki's Mahi™ custom promotional products are focused on the luxury coffees and award-winning teas in a sustainable cup. Pooki's Mahi is not a fit for customers looking for cheap teas or Hawaiian Kona coffees in non-recyclable or non-compostable plastic white / black cups.  

Custom Private Label Catalogue:  


Pookis Mahi custom Hawaiian Kona coffee single serves for promotional product, private label and marketing swag.


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Pooki's Mahi will continue to improve to deliver a better customer experience for customers looking for custom promotional products or private label single serve. At the core Pooki's Mahi is a high tech company and continuously improving an efficient supply chain delivering high quality Hawaiian 100% Kona coffee pods that delight our customer base.  Pooki's Mahi™ is expanding the existing catalogue with limited edition coffees, artisinal teas and rare white truffle salts.

Luxury Coffee Pods & Award-Winning Teas:

Pooki's Mahi Custom Promotional Products & Private Label Catalogue is designed to help our custom promotional products distributors and customers understand our custom promotional products / private label single serve supply chain capabilities and have insight to our new product introductions.  Only approved distributors ($85K/month) have access to distribute Pooki's Mahi custom private label products.  Pooki's Mahi™ will manufacture orders from approved promotional products distributor platforms. 


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