Pooki's Mahi's PR & Media Policy


Last Updated:  June 30th, 2014



Target Audience Definition

The definition applies to anyone who has to write a press release or provide input to Pooki's Mahi's press releases.  It is not limited to these roles.  Please read these Terms carefully.

  1. Any employee working for a media relations (print, online, social) company.
  2. Any individual whose role or title is Blogger, Foodie Expert, Public Relations, Social Media Manager, Press Writer, Marcom Manager, Editor-In-Chief, Editor-At-Large, Editor, Writer.
  3. Any individual who works for a Pooki's Mahi's partner and are in these roles.
  4. Any individual who claims to be a "product placement expert" or whose companies focuses on product placement.
  5. Any individual who is responsible for social media content on any of the social media platforms:  Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, etc.



Why does Pooki's Mahi have Ground Rules for the Press and Media? 

Les Magsalay-Zeller, Founder/CEO and Pooki's Mahi's as a company has had multiple terrible experiences with (the same) individuals in the press and media with unprofessional behavior.  The behavior is borderline harassment.  The purpose of Pooki's Mahi's Ground Rules is align all team members and to ensure consistent execution. 

  1. Pooki's Mahis NPI and Launch Trains are non-negotiable.
  2. Every Team Lead executes agains the plan and schedules agreed to by executive advisory board 9-18 months prior to the target launch date.  No exceptions.
  3. Pooki's Mahi is not a donation company.  Pooki's Mahi does not give free product for any "target audience" to write a blog, write or place Pooki's Mahi's products.  
  4. Products are provided free of charge to qualified international/national retail distributors.  Retail distributors usually submit a minimum order of $85K USD per 1 SKU for 1 pallet.
  5. Exception(s):  Benefits Events Policy - Pooki's Mahi made the exception to provide products free of charge to two events/brand expansion partners.  Partnerships have been in place for several years or is a top performing/key partner to Pooki's Mahi.
  6. Pooki's Mahi has two different partners managing the wholesale channel and retail distribution.


What is considered unprofessional behavior?

Pooki's Mahi will end any collaboration, working relationships and report individuals to the Scam and Anti-Phishing organizations if these behaviors are exhibited:

  1. An individual claims to be a Social Media expert, then we'll have Pooki's Mahi's network review credentials.  Why aren't your social media presence more powerful than Pooki's Mahi?
  2. Collaboration effort (between Pooki's Mahi and PR & Media Lead) becomes a selling segment that is informercial (30 minutes to educate about a product) or a talk show.
  3. Paying into a TV broadcast or segment (payment).  Why is payment required for Pooki's Mahi's Founder/CEO to talk about the company?
  4. Over the top aggressive communication such as following up multiple times a day, a week, etc. so Pooki's Mahi's Founder/CEO is forced to pay a bogus fee for any service.
  5. The "hurry up and wait" without a clear reason to the aggressive schedule.
  6. Any type of entitlement, free loader, know-it-all attitude.
  1. "Give me free product so I can place you in X, Y, Z TV commercials, events."  See Ground Rules #4 (Qualified Retail Distributors).
  2. "I'll write an article about you if you give me free product."  See Ground Rules #4 (Qualified Retail Distributors).
  3. "If you give me free product, then I can get you introduced into the big retail stores."  See Ground Rules #6 (Pooki's Mahi's 2 existing partners; this is a SCAM and Pooki's Mahi will report you!).
  • Any PR Agreement/Contract that provides false advertisement or requirements.
    1. "You're not allowed to write a press release on X because the news is not official."  If a photo, story is available online and Pooki's Mahi's teams can land, verify, confirm the photo, then the story is public.
  • Any threat to invalidate an agreed to contract or SOW (Statement of Work) between Pooki's Mahi and the individual/company to Unprofessional Behavior #7.


    Pooki's Mahi's Press & Media Ground Rules

    Pooki's Mahi implemented these ground rules to curtail the unprofessional behavior.  These ground rules are non-negotiable and are in effect and are updated regularly.

    1. All Pooki's Mahi press releases follow a strict template with a planned content flow, schedule and deliverables.  No surprises.  Pooki's Mahi will launch a press release without the partner's deliverables.
    2. All Pooki's Mahi videos copyrights are owned by Pooki's Mahi.
    3. Videos are limited to 2-3 minutes (total playing time).  Videos from partners are limited to 15-30 seconds if included in Pooki's Mahi press release.
    4. All Pooki's Mahi's press release topics focus on Pooki's Mahi's products, partnerships and executives (specifically Founder/CEO Les Magsalay-Zeller).
      1. Pooki's Mahi is not in the business to write press releases for a partner.  90% of the press release content is Pooki's Mahi specific.  Partners can pay for their own press release.
      2. The "About (Name of Partner)" should be the only area focused on the partner.
    5. Pooki's Mahi does not require the partner to create a press release to talk about Pooki's Mahi. It is up to the partner to write, submit and pay for their own press release.
    6. All Pooki's Mahi's press releases are written by Pooki's Mahi's press team and reviewed/approved by Les Magsalay-Zeller, Pooki's Mahi's Founder/CEO to ensure consistent messaging.
    7. Esign Pooki's Mahi's Ground Rules before starting any press release collaboration.  Ensures Pooki's Mahi's partners understand the ground rules and working boundaries.



    If you are a Pooki's Mahi partner, then you are responsible for:

    1. Provide the required quotes, videos or 1-5 sentences describing the partnership with Pooki's Mahi.
    2. Focus on the improved areas and provide metrics.
    3. Agree to copyright sharing for all videos.
    4. Provide the official "About (name of partner)."  If this is not provided, then Pooki's Mahi will use what is published online via a company page, social media footprint, etc.  Too bad if it has incorrect info.
    5. Provide the required deliverables in no later than 3-45 days prior to the target press release go live (launch) date.



    Agreement Changes

    Pooki’s Mahi may in our discretion change these Terms without notice to you.



    Termination by Pooki’s Mahi

    Pooki’s Mahi may terminate the partnership at our discretion without prior notice by sending you an email to that effect. 


    I have more questions about Pooki's Mahi's Press & Media Policies.

    Of course you can always ask us more questions or get help at pr@pookismahi.com.  Get started today by familiarizing yourself by going to Pooki's Mahi's Lights, Camera and Action:  Press & Media Kit video.