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Last Updated:  March 01, 2014



Terms of Use

Welcome to the terms of use (“Terms”) for Pooki’s Mahi Subscription Recurring Delivery Program (“Program”). These Terms are between you and Pooki’s Mahi (“Pooki’s Mahi” or “Us”) and govern our respective rights and obligations. The Terms incorporate the Terms of Sale and together with the Terms of Sale, constitute the entire agreement between you and Pooki’s Mahi related to the Program. In the event of any inconsistencies between these Terms and the Terms of Sale, these Terms will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency. Please note that your use of the Pooki’s Mahi ecommerce site (website) is also governed by our general Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as well as all other applicable terms, conditions, limitations and requirements on the Pooki’s Mahi website, all of which (as changed from time to time) are incorporated into these Terms. If you place an order through this Program, you accept these terms, conditions, limitations and requirements in effect at the time of such order. Please read these Terms carefully.



What is a Pooki’s Mahi Subscription Plan? 

You can sign up for recurring deliveries of select Pooki’s Mahi products, saving you the time and effort of logging on to place each order individually. For further information about the products available via Pooki’s Mahi Subscription Plan, please see the “Eligible Products” section below.   Products will be delivered every month.  Please refer to Pooki’s Mahi Shipping FAQs for additional information.  Customers who have a Pooki’s Mahi account can set up orders to include additional Subscription Plans or combination of products not included in the subscription plans.  Pooki’s Mahi changes products for each subscription delivery every month.



Eligible Products

Pooki’s Mahi offers 9 subscription plans to deliver multiple products.  Choose from 3 Pooki’s Mahi Coffee Subscription Plans to explore Hawaiian coffees (100% Kona, 100% Ka’u): Caffeine Starter, Deluxe Package, and Smart Cup of JoeFor teas choose from 3  Pooki’s Mahi Tea Subscription Plans to explore award-winning teas and new flavors:  Chillax Your Day, Deluxe Package, and Quench Any Thirst.  If you’re an avid explorer then venture to Pooki’s Mahi 3 Mixed Subscription Plans:  Kick Start Your Day, Thirst Quencher and Electrolytes & Your BodyOther items such as accessories, coffees in the Private Reserve Collection and gift cards/gift ecards are not eligible for subscription delivery.




  1. You must have a Pooki’s Mahi account in order to manage the purchased items through the Program. 
  2. You don’t need to have a Pooki’s Mahi account to purchase the first Pooki’s Mahi Subscription Plan.  However, you will be billed monthly.  If you want to modify or cancel the billing cycle, then create a Pooki’s Mahi account to do make the changes.
  3. Pooki’s Mahi Subscription Plans are specific to you and you may not assign or transfer your subscription to any third party. 
  4. Products in Pooki’s Mahi 9 Subscription Plans changes every month or as necessary.  By accepting you into the Program, Pooki’s Mahi is not contracting with you to regularly supply the products requested.  Your participation in Pooki’s Mahi Subscription Plans will be treated as establishing a standing request to process an order from you in relation to the products selected for the specific Pooki’s Mahi Subscription Plan.  Don’t expect the same product delivered in the following month.
  5. Each order cycle is will be treated as a separate acceptance of an offer to sell the products submitted on the working day.  The working day will start the order cycle for the subscription and determine the next delivery date for the next subscription.
  6. Please refer to Pooki’s Mahi Terms of Sale for more information. 
  7. Pooki’s Mahi reserves the right to accept or refuse subscription requests at our discretion. 



Order Processing, Product Availability (Inventory)

Pooki’s Mahi is committed to honoring your order, as long as stock lasts.  Please note that each separate delivery of products in Pooki’s Mahi Subscription Plans will be treated as delivered under a separate contract for the purpose of these Terms of Service  and Terms of Sale.

If any problems arise with the delivery address or payment method associated with your subscription order, we will notify you via email using the email address associated with your subscription asking that you resolve the problem and reactivate your subscription. Your subscription may be placed on hold and no additional orders will be processed or delivered until the problem has been resolved and the subscription has been reactivated. To the extent that there is a problem with the delivery address and payment for the order has already been taken, the payment in respect of any undelivered goods will be refunded to you.  Refer to Pooki’s Mahi Refund Policy for more information.

If any Program item is not available on the day it is scheduled to be delivered, we will notify you of the delay and will attempt to fulfill the order as soon as possible for a two (2) week period. If the item does not become available during that time, we will notify you that the order has been cancelled and that the contract for that particular order has been terminated by us. No payment will be taken from you in respect of orders that are not fulfilled. At this time Pooki’s Mahi does not allow customers to place orders (also known as backorders) for sold out or low inventory products that may sell out immediately.

If any Program item is no longer available, we will automatically deactivate your subscription for that item and no additional orders associated with that subscription will be placed. We will notify you by email should this occur. If you would like a replacement item, you will need to create a new subscription order for that item.




You must register and pay with one of our accepted credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc. and PayPal.

  1. You’ll only be charged for each order when the item(s) is placed.  
  2. The amount charged will reflect the price of the item on the day the order is shipped, plus any applicable sales tax and delivery costs.
  3. All prices are subject to change, and you agree that taxes may be adjusted from the amount shown on the payment screens. Several factors may cause this, such as variances between processor programs and changes in tax rates. In the event that the prices of the products change or are updated we will not notify you of the new price; however your rights to cancel under our Terms of Sale still apply.
  4. The charge for each delivery will be billed to the credit card used to create your subscription order. If the credit card associated with your subscription account becomes invalid at any time during the subscription period or if the charge is otherwise rejected, we will send you an email notifying you that your form of payment failed.
  5. Your subscription will be placed on hold until you update the payment information associated with your account. Your subscription will remain on hold and no additional orders will be processed or fulfilled until the information is updated and you reactivate your subscription.



Managing your Account

You can set your subscription for one order cycle or multiple order cycles. You can also “pause” your subscription for certain intervals or an unlimited time.

Pooki’s Mahi typically ship all our subscription deliveries in real-time.  As soon as the order is placed, the order is sent to Pooki’s Mahi’s Fulfillment team.  Orders are fulfilled within 2 business days.  Shipments arrive within 2-3 days for West Coast and Mid-West customers and between 4-5 days for East Coast customers.  Pooki’s Mahi reserves the right to change this schedule to Tuesdays to accommodate peak times (such as the holidays).  You can make changes to your order until 12:00pm PT the Monday before your next delivery is scheduled to ship.  Pooki’s Mahi Fulfillment Team does their best to ensure orders meet the Pooki’s Mahi operation metrics.



Agreement Changes

Pooki’s Mahi may in our discretion change these Terms without notice to you.



Termination by Pooki’s Mahi

Pooki’s Mahi may terminate your subscription at our discretion without prior notice by sending you an email to that effect. If we do so, you will only be charged for orders that have been sent to you. If you wish to pause your subscription for a certain interval or indefinitely you may do so by Managing Your Subscription on our website, or by contacting us at


I have more questions about the Subscription Program.

Of course you can always ask us more questions or get help at  Get started today with your own subscription by going to Pooki’s Mahi Subscriptions Collections