Pooki’s Mahi Assorted Pyramid Tea Infusers

9/1/2016 Update:  We are transitioning the pyramid teas, loose leaf teas into an upgraded format per our product roadmap.  Our top (repeat) customers requested the change. We'll seel through our current inventory.  TBD on the official launch launch date.

Berries, mangoes, peaches, tropical elixirs enjoyed hot or cold. Energize with Pooki's Mahi's custom fusion teas:  ginger, ginseng, citron, raspberry, hibiscus, apple

  • Cup of Excellence:  Winner
  • Type:  Refer to each pyramid infuser
  • Package Size:  Box - 80 individually wrapped pyramid infusers
  • Water Temperature:  Refer to each individually wrapped pyramid infuser
  • Caffeine Content:  Refer to each individually wraped pyramid infuser
  • Suggested Serving Size:  1 pyramid infuser/8oz.
  • Steep Time:  Refer to each individually wrapped pyramid infuser
  • Ingredients:  Refer to each individually wrapped pyramid infuser

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