Private Label Ginger Matcha Matcha Man Tea

8/2016: Pooki's Mahi private label tea & custom promotional products customers only. Not available to distributors, resellers. Sustainable private label tea pods available in 2017.

7/1/2016: We are improving our award-winning teas from loose leaf or powder to better serve our customers.  Pooki's Mahi improved Ginger Matcha Matcha Man sustainable single serve tea will be reintroduced in 2017.

Ginger Matcha Matcha Man is an enhanced version of matcha excellent for making your own iced or hot blended matcha beverages.  Ginger Matcha Matcha Man contains high quality matcha mixed with freshly ground ginger, sugar and is a very popular choice because of its versatility in beverages and baking.   Pooki’s Mahi’s Ginger Matcha is popular because it is easily mixed with your choice of hot or cold water to create a healthy beverage on the go.  Sealed in a reusable standup pouch that is moisture and barrier proof.  We've added an extra oz. because we know this will be a hit.  The package contains 5oz. of Ginger Matcha Matcha Man tea.

What makes Pooki's Mahi Private Label Teas unique?

  • Tea Base / Type:  Green Tea
  • Package Size:  4oz. (Pouch)
  • Water Temperature:  180-185 F degrees
  • Caffeine Content:  Medium
  • Suggested Serving Size:  1/4 tsp per 6-8oz.
  • Steep Time:  3-5 minutes
  • Ingredients:  Organic Matcha, Organic Ginger
  • Flavors:  Ginger, matcha, green tea

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Type: Tea

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