Private Label High Mountain Oolong Tea

8/2016: Pooki's Mahi private label tea & custom promotional products customers only. Not available to distributors, resellers. Sustainable private label tea pods available in 2017.

One of the world’s most sought after and revered cups, this premier plucking of special grade, mountain grown tea is prized for its large evenly sized leaves, roasting aroma and assertive finish due to its proximity to fresh streams and cool crisp air.  The tender leaves are gently basket tossed for semi-oxidization that creates the most complex yet light orchid aroma and highest grade of Oolong in the world.  Smooth Orchid aroma throughout with a clean refreshing finish. Suitable for multiple infusions.

What makes Pooki's Mahi Private Label Teas unique?

  • Tea Base / Type:  Oolong
  • Package Size:  2oz. (Pouch)
  • Water Temperature:  185-206 F degrees
  • Caffeine Content:  Medium
  • Suggested Serving Size:  1 tsp/8oz.
  • Steep Time:  3-5 minutes
  • Ingredients:  Chinese Oolong Tea
  • Origin:  Anxi, China
  • Flavors:  Orchid, roasted chestnut, dried apricots, honey, caramel


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Type: Tea

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