September 29, 2016

Kona Coffee & Pooki's Mahi's Kona Coffee Single Serve Pods

Today, Kona coffee enjoys a reputation as one of the world's best coffees. Known for its flavor, aroma and rich, dark color, Kona coffee is every bit as delicious as it is unique, and people who drink it get to savor a little slice of Hawaii every single morning.

Regardless of whether coffee drinkers favor ground coffee or individually wrapped cups, there's no question that Kona coffee makes the experience of having a cup of joe significantly more special.

The Origin of Kona Coffee

Kona coffee is grown on the Big Island of Hawaii. Kona coffee comes in different grades. All Kona coffee is inspected by the Hawaiian Department of Agriculture and certified for its origin, sourcing, harvesting, and roasting processes. Coffee is only labeled "100% Kona coffee" if it is not mixed with beans from any other region.

Pure Kona coffee is grown in the "Kona District" of Mauna Loa, Hawaii. This district is located at 2,500 feet in elevation on the world's largest active volcano. This region has been producing coffee for more than 180 years.

What Is Considered the Best Kona Coffee?

While the question of which Kona coffee is "the best" is subjective, many people name Peaberry as the best varietal.

In addition to the fact that this type of Kona coffee is the most expensive, it also receives the highest rank on the Kona coffee scale, and many customers prefer its rich taste to other varieties.

In addition to Peaberry, however, there are also the following varieties of Kona coffee:

  • Kona Extra Fancy: A common Kona coffee bean that offers a pleasant flavor and widespread drinkability.
  • Kona Fancy: A blend made of small Kona coffee beans whose flavor is appreciated by many.
  • Kona No. 1: A blend of coffee crafted by mixing Kona coffee of higher grades with Kona No. 1 beans.
  • Kona Select: One of the most affordable varieties of Kona coffee, typically used in coffee blends with 10% Kona coffee.
  • Kona Prime: The most affordable variety of Kona coffee. This variety features the lowest rank and is sold as an ultra-affordable 100% Kona coffee.

Beyond these types of Kona coffee, there are severalHawaiian coffee varietals available to consumers who want them. These include the following:

  • Arabica: Arabica is a coffee varietal native to Ethiopia, although it is currently cultivated on the Big Island of Hawaii, as well. It grows in this climate and not the other islands of Hawaii thanks to the unique weather: the area is cool, nutrient-rich and verdant, and enjoys about 60 inches of rain each year.
  • Mokka: Mokka, also known as Maui Mokka, also originated in Ethiopia and was brought to Hawaii by Yemenese traders through a port called Mokka. This variety has a light chocolate and fruit flavor.
  • Robusta: Robusta is a varietal native to Africa and known for its low acidity. Robusta is currently grown primarily in Vietnam, which is the world's largest exporter of this varietal. While robusta is cheaper to produce and easier to care for than Arabica or Mokka, some people prefer these other varietals more.

Why Is Kona Coffee Peaberry So Expensive?

The reason Kona Peaberry coffee is so expensive is that peaberries themselves are rare. Peaberries are the natural product of a mutation the coffee bean undergoes inside of its cherry.

Instead of dividing into two beans per fruit, the coffee beans that become peaberries morph into only one fruit. This mutation is extremely rare and occurs in only 5 percent of all the coffee grown in the world.

And if the rarity of the mutation weren't enough to spike the price, peaberries can only be detected after the beans have been picked and processed, so they must be hand-sorted to be collected and sold, which increases the price further.

In addition to offering a richer taste, Kona coffee made from peaberries is also slightly sweeter and more complex in flavor. While it is significantly more expensive than other types of Kona coffee, the flavor, aroma and color are worth the added cost for many consumers.

Pooki's Mahi Kona coffee pods are made from 99% mesh, 1% plastic and works in 2.0 and 1.0 single serve coffee makers.

Which Kona Coffee Is Used in Pooki's Mahi's Kona Coffee Pods??

Customers who want to purchase Pooki's Mahi's Kona coffee single serve pods will quickly find that all varieties of Kona coffee are offered.

There are Kona coffee Peaberry single serve pods available as well as decaf Kona coffee pods, Extra Fancy Kona coffee single serves and 100% Kona coffee single serves.

Few Kona coffee manufacturers offer 100% Kona coffee single serve pods, and these coffee cups generally go at a price point of about $2.76/cup.

How to Store Kona Coffee

There are many ways to store Kona coffee. The following are some of the most popular.

  • In the freezer. Many people store coffee in the freezer. If you're going to do this, be sure that the coffee is kept in a valve-sealed package so it does not absorb moisture or smells from other food. This method works for beans and Kona coffee single serves, as well.
  • At room temperature. Kona coffee can be stored in a valve-sealed bag at room temperature. This method helps preserve the coffee's smell and taste and works for beans and single serve, as long as the coffee is kept in a cool, dry, dark place.

When stored properly, Kona coffee has an "expiration date" of between 3-5 months, although time, light, and moisture will all degrade the aroma and flavor of the coffee.


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About Pooki’s Mahi:
Pooki’s Mahi® is a Silicon Valley-based private label coffee pods and custom promotional products manufacturer offering Hawaiian 100% Kona coffee and award-winning private label teas in sustainable single serve pods. Private label brands partner with Pooki’s Mahi for the efficient supply chain, go to market launch and new product introduction expertise. Since its online launch in 2013, Pooki’s Mahi products have been a favorite of customers, charities, celebrities and athletes and have been featured at red carpet events including Celebrity Gift Suites and athletes and seen on several television shows.  Pooki’s Mahi’s mission is to revolutionize the supply chain ecosystem to make it efficient by using technology in bringing the highest quality Kona coffees into the market in a sustainable, compostable cup. Hawaiian coffees are harvested/roasted in Hawaii, single serve cup manufactured in US and distributed to several fulfillment centers in the US.

For more information on Pooki’s Mahi custom private label coffee, pods pricing, becoming a reseller distributor 100% Kona coffee visit Pooki's Mahi VIP Reseller Distributor pricing or Pooki's Mahi Private Label Coffee platform for custom promotional products. Follow Pooki’s Mahi on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to keep up with news insights to launching custom promotional products. Pooki’s Mahi has a zero tolerance for firms engaged in cyber-bullying, cyber-criminal, slander, negative reviews, or cultural discrimination.  A single serve coffee maker of black / white pods and aloha islands competitors cyber-bullied Pooki’s Mahi Founder/CEO since 2014. The relentless negative campaigns, slander and IP bullying resulted in irreparable harm.  Once a cyber-bully, always a bully.

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Kona Coffee Prices

Best Kona Coffee

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Kona Coffee Pods Cost Guidelines

Pooki's Mahi™ passes additional fees to customers who buy from online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Jet, Overstock, etc. Pooki's Mahi® approved one online retailer to sell our 100% Kona coffee pods close to the Wholesale Coffee Club price. pricing:  Cheap Kona coffee prices (subscriptions), lowest Kona coffee price for customers unable to commit to coffee subscriptions (wholesale coffee club), and Refer A Friend programs to earn additional discounts.

Additional Fees Passed To Customer: Fulfillment (10%), transportation, subscribe 'n save (10%), product listing maintenance/merchandising (15%), lightning deals or discounts (5%). Any fee increase levied by the retailer will be passed to the customer. Customers buying Pooki's Mahi Kona coffee pods on online retailers must pay for Standard or Expedited Shipping. 


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