NEWS: Pooki’s Mahi Treats Edible Silicon Valley and Edible Communities To High Quality Teas, Gourmet Salts, Top-Notch Sweeteners To Kick Off New Partnership

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 9, 2014 

Silicon Valley single serve coffee maker startup of award-winning teas, brown rock sugar and San Francisco’s 2013 Food & Beverage winner Pooki’s Mahi announced today a new partnership with Edible Silicon Valley.  The partnership will expand Pooki’s Mahi’s brand nationally and support its revenue growth.

“Meghan Gieber, Edible Silicon Valley’s Social Media Lead reached out to me soon after Pooki’s Mahi launched the Matcha Tea Collection to explore a partnership opportunity.  I soon met with Meghan and Kerri Stenson, Publisher and Editor for Edible Silicon Valley magazine and we started to iron out what both companies can do to expand both brands and leverage each other’s expertise.  I’m impressed with Kerri’s and Meghan’s journey especially the key lessons they’ve learned to launching Edible Silicon Valley,” says Leslie Magsalay-Zeller, Founder/CEO of Pooki’s Mahi. 

Les continues, “A top goal for Pooki’s Mahi is revenue growth. Revenue growth can’t be done without brand expansion.  For 2014-2015 Pooki’s Mahi will achieve these goals by focusing on brand recognition in Silicon Valley where the company is based as well as nationally into influential foodies and tastemakers outside of the entertainment industry.  Pooki’s Mahi is experiencing tremendous growth in our wholesale channel.  Partnering with Kerri’s Edible Silicon Valley Magazine will help Pooki’s Mahi’s growth expansion in Silicon Valley and nationally through their extensive network of influential foodies and tastemakers.  Edible Silicon Valley Magazine’s collaboration style fits with Pooki’s Mahi’s culture.”


Edible Silicon Valley will help expand Pooki’s Mahi’s brand by posting blog post(s), publish possible recipe feature in summer 2014, social media promotions, and distributing samples of Pooki’s Mahi’s products and marketing pieces at upcoming Edible Silicon Valley events.  Another opportunity is to include Pooki’s Mahi in Edible Feast where readers can find seasonal stories from Edible Communities Publications.  The magazine celebrates farmers, producers, chefs & artisans that sustain and nourish the local communities. 

Edible Community Members were treated to products from the following Pooki’s Mahi collections:

  1. Award-Winning Tea Collection:  Pooki’s Mahi curates teas from several global suppliers who have won awards from World Tea Championships into the Pooki’s Mahi brand.  The collection also has teas from manufacturers and Master Brewers whose blends won entertainment awards (such as Teen’s Choice, People’s Choice, etc.) and cupping competitions outside the World Tea Expo (such as regional, national, and international competitions). 

  2. Pyramid Infusers Collection:  Pooki’s Mahi new product line is launching in late May 2014.  Pooki’s Mahi has taken the most popular and top selling loose leaf teas and made them available in pyramid infuser form.  The pyramid infuser allows more water to flow through premium tea leaves for a more flavorful cup.

  3. Sweeteners Collection:  Best way to enhance the natural flavor of tea or coffee without changing it.

  4. Salt Collection: Your body needs it like electrolytes!  Pooki’s Mahi’s salts are carefully sourced – from bright citruses to savory truffles to bring gourmet flavor to your table.

Pooki’s Mahi’s plans to will leverage Edible Silicon Valley for a few go to market efforts on new product lines like the upcoming pyramid teas.  Additional go to market activities include:

  • Promoting the Edible Silicon Valley magazine at the various events Pooki’s Mahi’s attend by giving out the copies of the publication that include a Pooki’s Mahi ad. 

  • Offer Silicon Valley readers special deals/discounts on Pooki’s Mahi goods to track sales that come through the magazine.

Pooki’s Mahi’s award-winning teas, gourmet salts and top-notch sweeteners are available online now and can be purchased as a tea subscription and as part of the company’s Customer Referral Program, which offers rewards and discounts for new customer referrals.  Free shipping is including in non-subscription purchases and subscription plans.




About Edible Silicon Valley:

Edible Silicon Valley celebrates the local, sustainable food sources of the Silicon Valley area.  Every season the magazine serve up a combination of profiles, features, and recipes that illuminate the people who work so hard to bring this bounty to customers tables.  Intertwined throughout the magazine food art is included through stunning photography and illustrations.  Edible Silicon Valley is a feast for the eyes, the intellect and the palate.  Kerri Stenson is the Founder, Publisher and Editor. Meghan Gieber manages the Edible Silicon Valley’s social media.  Edible Silicon Valley is published quarterly.  

The Academy Awards® is a registered trademark of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences®. The Gift Suites where Pooki’s Mahi’s products are show cased are not authorized by and is not associated with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences®, The Academy Awards®, or any of its official partners or vendors.


Pooki’s Mahi™, The PMO Practice™, and Matcha Matcha Man™ are trademarks of Pooki’s Mahi.  New Product Launch introductions, Go To Market Planning and supply chain frameworks are protected under VA 1-294-170.   

About Pooki’s Mahi:
Pooki’s Mahi™ is a Silicon Valley-based private label coffee pods and custom promotional products manufacturer offering Hawaiian 100% Kona coffee and award-winning private label teas in sustainable single serve cups. Private label brands partner with Pooki’s Mahi for the efficient supply chain, go to market launch and new product introduction expertise. Since its online launch in 2013, Pooki’s Mahi products have been a favorite of customers, charities, celebrities and athletes and have been featured at red carpet events including Celebrity Gift Suites and athletes and seen on several television shows.  Pooki’s Mahi’s mission is to revolutionize the supply chain ecosystem to make it efficient by using technology in bringing the highest quality Kona coffees into the market in a sustainable, compostable cup. Hawaiian coffees are harvested/roasted in Hawaii, single serve cup manufactured in US and distributed to several fulfillment centers in the US.

For more information on Pooki’s Mahi custom private label coffee, pods pricing, single serve tea visit Pooki's Mahi Private Label & Custom Promotional Products site. Follow Pooki’s Mahi on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to keep up with news insights to launching custom promotional products. Pooki’s Mahi has a zero tolerance for firms engaged in cyber-bullying, cyber-criminal, slander, negative reviews, or cultural discrimination.  A single serve coffee maker of white / black cups and aloha islands competitors cyber-bullied Pooki’s Mahi Founder/CEO since 2014. The relentless negative campaigns, slander and IP bullying resulted in irreparable harm.  Once a cyber-bully, always a bully.

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Read the official press release.  View Pooki's Mahi's Online TV Channel dedicated to new products and launches.

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