Hawaiian Coffee Pods for Single Serve Coffee Makers

100% Hawaiian Coffee Pods

Pooki's Mahi offers two 100 percent Hawaiian coffee pods.  Enjoy Pooki's Mahi's 100% Hawaiian coffees in a sustainable coffee pod with the taste of roasted walnuts, hints of flowers, berries, citrus, spices and a whisper of caramel. The 100% Maui Mokka coffee beans used ranked #1 in Hawaii Coffee Association Cupping Competition. Kau coffee gained global recognition by consistently winning multiple top ten awards: Coffee of the Year, Grand Champion of Hawaiian Coffee, Outstanding Producer of the Year and Roaster of the Year.  2011 Specialty Coffee Association of America Cupping Competition (SCAA) ranked Kau coffee ranked as the top coffee region globally.

Pooki's Mahi's Hawaiian coffee pods and Kona coffee pods are available for custom promotional products, promotional swag and private label brands.

Visit Pooki's Mahi 100% Kona Coffee Pods collections to purchase 100% Kona coffee pods.  

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