Kona Coffee

The Kona coffee region is located on the west side of the Big Island, Hawaii.  The 100% Kona coffee beans selected have won multiple awards including landing on Forbes Top 50 Best list(s). Our coffee manufacturer sources 100% Kona coffee beans from various farmers Kona, Hawaiian based farmers in addition to the family owned and operated farm that meet high quality standards and roasts them to spec at the manufacturing headquarters in Oahu, Hawaii. Pooki’s Mahi’s coffee manufacture roasts the largest amount of 100% Kona coffee beans.


Kona Coffee, Hawaiian Coffee Manufacturing Certifications

Pooki’s Mahi’s Hawaiian and Kona coffee manufacturer undergoes rigorous supply chain audits from sourcing 100% Hawaiian coffees to roasting and final pack out into vacuum sealed bags.  The high level of transparency and product traceability is documented.  Pooki’s Mahi pays fair market price for 100 percent Kona coffee coffees, 100% Maui Mokka coffees, and 100% Kau coffees sourced and harvested through our Hawaiian based coffee manufacturer headquartered in Oahu, Hawaii.  

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