Kona Coffee: Wholesale, Reseller, Private Label Distributor

Where do I get a Kona coffee distributorship

private label reseller


Wholesale vs. Reseller vs. Distributor

Our wholesale option is a coffee club for repeat customers who want to save but want more flexibility than our 6-month subscription plan. Resellers are retailers selling goods at a markup. 
Resellers must fill out the reseller application below.  Wholesale Account emails are sent after you've made a purchase. FAQs below.

Wholesale Coffee Club vs. Resell Kona coffee pods?



Wholesale Club

Create Account 
Coffee Club members pay +/- $43.00 (Save $15.24+ per box); wholesalers cannot resell Kona coffee pods on online retail marketplaces. Wholesale appears next to prices.



Fill out Reseller Application (Below)
Business Reseller License, Tax ID and Certificate of Business Insurance required to resell Kona coffee pods. B2B firms like luxury hotels, corporate break rooms are exempt. Reseller appears next to prices.



Approved Resellers 2+ yrs 
Sell $85K USD / month for 2+ yrs of Pooki's Mahi's Kona coffee single serves to qualify as our Kona coffee pods distributor; pay up front as a custom products or private label distributor. Disty appears next to prices.


Pooki's Mahi Wholesale Account Creation Process

Create a wholesale account if you're not reselling products.Repeat customers pay $43.00 for 100% Kona coffee pods with free expedited shipping. Wholesale account holders save 15% with 1 purchase.  No minimum(s). Buy in bulk for big savings.

Create Account

Coffee Club 
Customers with approved wholesale accounts cannot resell Kona coffee pods on marketplaces or on their own store. 


Wholesale Approval

Receive Welcome Email 
Receive “Welcome To…” or “We’ve Upgraded…” email. Wholesale accounts released 3X / month. We don’t rush creating accounts.


Activate Account

“Wholesale” prices displayed
Activate or log into your wholesale account. “Wholesale” displayed next to Kona coffee single serve pods. Buy in bulk to save big.

Apply to Resell Kona Coffee Pods 

Tax ID, Reseller Permit, Business Insurance required. 
Resellers areretailers selling goods at a markup.Resellers must fill out and upload required documentation via the reseller application. Affiliate marketers (from Amazon marketplace), bloggers, or firms lacking Business Insurance, Reseller Permit or Tax ID are not approved resellers. 
Pooki's Mahi documents / reports unauthorized resellers to authorities. We control Pooki's Mahi's 100% Hawaiian Kona coffee pods product listings on marketplaces, product discovery platforms and red carpet events.  Pooki's Mahi thoroughly vets resellers including but not limited to checking credit, security and social media presence. Resellers are not Private Label Resellers.


Reseller Application: Pooki's Mahi Kona Coffee Pods

Items in red * are required. 




Fill out my online form.



Custom Promotional Products & Private Label

Pooki's Mahi private label coffee pods forcustom promotional products, marketing gifts, swag as well as private label design services are available on a separatePooki’s Mahi’s Private Label Products & Custom Promotional Products platform.  A separate account is required to complete the order and check out.  Lower pricing available for Non-profit and military customers purchasing Kona coffee as custom promotional swag.  

Visit private label pods pricing for an overview on private label tea or coffee pods pricing and detailed information. Visit Pooki's Mahi Private Label Catalogueto view the same information in an interactive catalogue.

Pooki’s Mahi’s private label Kona coffee pods, private label tea and custom promotional products isnot a fit for customers unable to meet the minimum requirements or cannot pay up front.

 Pooki's Mahi Private Label Catalogue for custom promotional products, private label tea, private label coffee.



Frequently Asked Questions

Visit Pooki's Mahi's Customer Success Center for detailed responses to additional questions.

1. May I skip filling out the long reseller form and call/email someone?
No.Pooki's Mahi reseller qualification process is very lengthy and designed to weed out firms that aren't a cultural fit, engage in cyber-bullying, and / or brand character assassination. Phone calls and emails without providing the required information on the application is inefficient.  Pooki's Mahi team members require a Customer Success # (assigned at the time of the application). If you call, then Pooki's Mahi team member will ask the same questions (on the form). Resellers can fill out the application at leisure or spend 1+ hrs. providing the same information via a phone call. 

2. Does a WHOLESALE account mean I can RESELL Pooki's Mahi products? 
No.A wholesale account means the customer receives a 15% discount (minimum). 

Pooki's Mahi wholesale account holders are not allowed to sell our products. Our Policy Team actively monitor resellers and marketplaces. Pooki's Mahi Policy Team will report the wholesale account holder for cyber-criminal, cyber-bullying and IP infringement activities.  #ZeroTolerance

3. Is Pooki's Mahi RESELLER discount more than a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT?
Yes.Pooki's Mahi resellers start at 20% off the published price on PookisMahi.com. Wholesale account holders receive 15% off the publish price. Examples - 1 box of 100% Kona Coffee Pods (Medium Roast):As of 1/2016 the published price is $48.00 on PookisMahi.com.  Wholesale account holders pay $40.80 per box (15% off).  Resellers pay $38.40. (2) Business days to fulfill with Expedited Shipping (1-3 days transit time).  Marketplace price is $54.99 + pay for shipping ($15.00 - $75.00).

4. Are WHOLESALE, RESELLERS, SUBSCRIBERS subject to price increases? 
Yes - Wholesale and Resellers are subject to price increases for shipping, operations and fulfillment on PookisMahi.com.  Subscribers are not subject to price increases.  We freeze pricing for Pooki's Mahi coffee subscribers.  

5. How many business and government documents must I provide?  
Three. Pooki's Mahi requires Tax ID, Reseller Permit, and Business Insurance. Each state has a unique reseller permit.  Marketplaces like Amazon require business insurance. Larger retailers require the manufacturer on record to sell and merchandise the product lines. Pooki's Mahi Policy Team will report / take legal action for any unapproved reseller pretending to be Pooki's Mahi Manufacturing. #ZeroTolerance

6. Are there exceptions for businesses NOT selling on a marketplace?
Yes. Businesses with corporate cafeterias, hotels, gifting events, conferences or are consuming Pooki's Mahi products are not required to provide business insurance.  Business will receive a 20% discount.  Pooki's Mahi custom promotional products, private label coffee or private label tea, and private label spices have unique requirements.  

Pooki's Mahi:
Sends customer orders or conducts unplanned visits to ensure businesses are legit. Nothing is free. 

- Consistent customer success process for sales operations.
- Consistent fulfillment, operations, reshipping orders, etc. 
- Consistently beating Pooki's Mahi operations excellence metrics.

7. Are there minimums for RESELLERS?
No.  Approved resellers can submit 1 order on PookisMahi.com.  Approved distributor resellers ("Distys") must submit POs valued $85K every month. Disty orders are reviewed against a master demand plan or a master schedule. Forecasts are required.

8. Can Pooki's Mahi give me a 30% Disty Reseller discount if I don't submit $85K in monthly POs?  
No. To qualify as a Disty Reseller businesses must be (1) Approved Reseller for 2 years (minimum) (2) Sold up to $85K per month of Pooki's Mahi products.  Resellers must consistently sell $85K per month of Pooki's Mahi products (orders submitted on PookisMahi.com) to obtain a distributor discount. #TalkIsCheap Money talks. Bullshit walks.

9. Can I send you multiple emails, and harass Pooki's Mahi for business? 
No - Zero Tolerance Policy.Pooki's Mahi has a strict zero tolerance policy firms who cyber-bully, harass, threaten bodily / mental harm, slander or engage in brand / character assassination. Pooki's Mahi Founder/CEO, brand and company was cyber-bullied by a single serve coffee maker of white and black non-recyclable plastic cups causing irreparable harm. 

We report firms to the appropriate authorities for cyber-criminal activities. 

- Scraping emails to send email drip campaigns
- Running negative product review campaigns on marketplaces.
- Scraping personal information for fraudulent, phishing cyber-criminal activities.
- Unauthorized resellers squatting or selling Pooki's Mahi product listings.
- Sending emails via LinkedIn or social media and skipping the RFI/RFP process.
- Professional nag that micromanages fabricated deadlines; creates inefficiencies.
- Multiple phone calls without leaving a voicemail (99% are robo-calls).
- Unprofessional conduct

Pooki's Mahi executive team will fire / terminate businesses that flunk the assessment or fail to consistently meet score card standards or engage in cyber-bullying. 

10. Does Pooki's Mahi ships FREE samples
No - Refer to our Home Page.  Free samples of Pooki's Mahi Kona coffee pods, single serve teas, etc. are reserved for custom promotional products & private label customers or disty resellers (product presentations).  

"Free" does NOT exist:  The retail rate to ship Pooki's Mahi Kona coffee pods (coast to coast) is $15.00. Presentations to larger customers are approved against a yearly calendar.   

Pooki's Mahi is a technology company with expertise in new product introductions (NPI), go-to-market (GTM) launches, operations/supply chain excellence and SaaS enterprise platforms.

11. Is Pooki's Mahi expanding PRIVATE LABEL RESELLERS?
No.  Approved Private Label Resellers are limited to select platform partners and top 1% international retailers.  Private label orders are much larger compared to standard B2C or B2B orders.Due diligence includes but not limited to credit checks, cyber-bullying, cyber-criminal, sales operations and customer success. Forecasts, master demand plans and systems architecture are required. Pooki's Mahi Private Label Products platform prevents resellers selling 100% Kona coffee pods from selling private label products. 



We report firms for cyber-criminal activities like scraping Pooki's Mahi emails for unsolicited pitches.





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One more benefit of friendship

Kona Coffee Prices

Best Kona Coffee

 Pooki's Mahi best Kona coffee subscriptions. [center]

Kona Coffee Pods Cost Guidelines

Pooki's Mahi™ passes additional fees to customers who buy from online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Jet, Overstock, etc. Pooki's Mahi® approved one online retailer to sell our 100% Kona coffee pods close to the Wholesale Coffee Club price.

PookisMahi.com pricing:  Cheap Kona coffee prices (subscriptions), lowest Kona coffee price for customers unable to commit to coffee subscriptions (wholesale coffee club), and Refer A Friend programs to earn additional discounts.

Additional Fees Passed To Customer: Fulfillment (10%), transportation, subscribe 'n save (10%), product listing maintenance/merchandising (15%), lightning deals or discounts (5%). Any fee increase levied by the retailer will be passed to the customer. Customers buying Pooki's Mahi Kona coffee pods on online retailers must pay for Standard or Expedited Shipping. 


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