Happy Holidays From Pooki's Mahi!

December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays from Pooki's Mahi & Up to 65% OFF

Happy Holidays from Pooki's Mahi!

Pooki's Mahi has met or beaten the original goals for 2013.  All the hard work continues to pay off.  A few of our memorable moments and key wins:

  • Pooki's Mahi's award-winning teas featured on Red Carpet Celebrity Gift Suites, TV Series (Boys Before Friends, etc.), endorsed by celebrities, athletes, celebrity chefs and featured on multiple TV spots (TBA).

  • Top 25 products continue to sell out.

  • Teas,  sweeteners, and coffees products continue to rank in the Top 10 

  • Pooki's Mahi's Brown Rock Sugars named #2 on Amazon's Best Sellers List (Brown Sugar) and #3 on Amazon's Gift List as of 12/15/2013.

  • Launched several product lines:  teas, sweeteners, salts, macadamia nuts.

  • Launched a new site (mobile enabled) which has been nominated for its ultra clean design.

  • Beat 2012's revenue (Spring) and moved into a new Fulfillment HQ.  Free Shipping with products arriving 2-Days (West Coast/Mid-West), 4-5 days (East Coast) is one of our competitive advantages.

  • Check out Pooki's Mahi's Subscriptions to try out new high end products at a steep discount.

  • Launched a new channel, Affiliate Program today.

  • Launched Pooki's Mahi Online TV Channel to introduce all new product introductions and partner launches.

  • Added new business and product partners that will support the aggressive growth goals in 2014.



None of the above would have been possible without our loyal customer base (about 65K+ of which many are repeat buyers), business partners and product suppliers.  We have bigger goals in 2014.  Stay tuned - we're launching:

  1. 50 new teas in loose leaf and pyramid forms,

  2. 100% Ka'u K-Cups (for Keurig brewers)

  3. New sweeteners 

  4. New channel


Y'all were instrumental to Pooki's Mahi's successes.  On behalf of Pooki's Mahi's executive advisors, I wish y'all a berry merry Pooki's Winter Holidays.  

Happy Holidays!
-Les Magsalay-Zeller
 Founder/CEO, Pooki's Mahi



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