FREE Standard/Ground Shipping to the Lower 48 States

FREE Standard/Ground Shipping for all products is now available – ahead of the proposed August/September launch date.

Ever ordered a product that you thought was affordable only to pay more in shipping costs than the product?  For example one of Pooki’s Mahi’s products, Hawaiian Island Pineapple Tea, 20 Tea Bags can cost between $5.99 - $15.99 (without shipping) depending on the market place and between $10.50 - $19.99 for shipping depending on the location and wow the shipping price was calculated.  The total cost for the Pineapple Tea is between $16.49 - $35.98!  At Pooki’s Mahi we work tireless to source hard to find, highly valued products and bring them to market.  The awesome news is FREE Standard/Ground SHIPPING is available for all products. 


Pooki’s Mahi sell through partners and on many marketplaces including (but not limited to),, Google Shopping, etc. as well as on our own online store  Not all marketplaces are created equal.  For example, customers with Amazon Prime benefit a lot because they can order multiple products and not have to pay for shipping. Amazon Prime costs about $75 USD per year.  Unfortunately customers who do not have Amazon Prime have to pay for shipping ($6.00 - $12.50).


Summary – “The Fine Print:”

FREE SHIPPING is available on, Pooki’s Mahi Facebook Store, and Google Shopping.FREE SHIPPING is not available on other marketplace we serve such as Amazon, Rakuten, etc.). Orders will be fulfilled within two (2) business days.  FREE SHIPPING included in all prices.Offer valid while supplies last. Additional Terms & Conditions may apply.Pooki’s Mahi reserves the right to change or modify the offer without notice.  

FREE SHIPPING does not apply to orders shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or international destinations.  We have added shipping based on weight and by ranges.

FREE Shipping applies to Standard/Ground shipping method.  Our new Fulfillment Partner can meet the 2 day delivery time.  Please note – it will take Pooki’s Mahi until early 2014 to ensure the 2 day delivery time.  Plan on a 4-5 days for shipping times. 


How do you add FREE SHIPPING?

  1. Add the items you want to purchase.
  2. Check the shipping method available by adding the State and Zip Code.  It should provide 1-2 options:  Low Cost and Standard 
  3. Please make sure you add Low Cost or Standard as the shipping method. 
  4. Check out.


Why/How Are We Doing This?

  1. We have partnered with another world-class fulfillment partner who can meet the 2-Day delivery times at a cost affordable rate.  The 2-Day delivery time is the same as Amazon Prime.  Why pay $75 when you can receive the same benefits?  We have had one too many fulfillment challenges such as lost inventory, reselling damaged customer returns to new customer and moving products that have a long expiration date (like salts or honey sticks) to expired within 6 months moving it to the warehouse.  All these are key operational issues that are unacceptable to Pooki’s Mahi (company) and our customer base.
  2. Negotiated affordable shipping rates. The average shipping cost for our top 5 cities within our Top 4 States is $11.00; rather pass this charge to the customer we absorbed up to $7.50 of the shipping costs (for ground) to the Lower 48 States.  We’ll monitor the sales from our customer base coming from Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico over the next few months.  We hope to also roll out free shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
  3. Shipping Rates are weight based.  There are two methods to calculate shipping rates:  by price or by weight.  Pooki’s Mahi shipping rates are weight based.  The shipping rate is calculated based on the total weight of the order. 
  4. Pricing for some products changed slightly.  A majority of our products did not incur a price increase.  Pricing for some products will increase.
  5. This is a Top 5 Customer Request in the Operational Efficiencies category.  Pooki’s Mahi customer feedback is very important.  Our growing repeat customer base that do not have Amazon Prime or do not shop on Amazon requested FREE Shipping earlier this year.  It has taken almost 5 months to roll out this request.  Many Pooki’s Mahi customers don’t want to be burdened with shipping costs. 
  6. Customers will pay for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and International Shipping.  The data in the next few months will determine if FREE Shipping can be offered to Alaska or Puerto Rico (at minimum).  We did pass on the shipping savings we negotiated for these areas.
  7. Customers will pay for expedited shipping.  Expedited Shipping is anything faster than the 5 day (Standard/Ground) service.  We predict by early 2014 we will meet the 2 day shipping across the 48 states.  We will pass on the savings for 1-Day Shipping, 2-Day Shipping, and 3-Day shipping.  Rather have multiple rates based on location (region) we will publish one rate for each of the expedited shipping methods.  The rates are bounded by the following weights:
    1. Rate for 0-10 lbs
    2. Rate for 11-20 lbs
    3. Rate for 21-50 lbs


Not all shipping methods will have the same rates.   


We’re always running sales and promos; there’s always a discount for everyone:

  • Product Discounts:  15% - 20% - 25% - 30% - 40%

  • Buy X Get Y Free

  • Tiered Discounts (standard for all of Pooki’s Mahi products)

  • Monthly Deals:  Savings up to 50% for no more than 4 products.


Timeline/How Does This Affect Me?

  1. Transitioning fulfillment partners for (only) from Amazon Fulfillment to the new partner. 
  • Products sold on will continue to be fulfilled by Amazon.  No change here – many of our customers are Amazon shoppers and have Amazon Prime.
  • The new fulfillment partner will fulfill products sold on  It will be a slow transition to move fulfillment from the current fulfillment partner to the new one.
  • Products sold on will be fulfilled by the new fulfillment partner.  The goal is to have all products fulfilled by the new partner in August.
  • We will honor any orders with the $0 shipping rate.  Any orders placed in July with the $0 shipping rate will be honored.  Pooki’s Mahi online store will automatically calculate the rate.



Thanks for your patience and the continued support!  If you have any questions, then follow the conversation on Twitter @PookisMahi or on Pooki’s Mahi Facebook Page.

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